News Anchor/ Reporter

Jenny is an Emmy award-winning news anchor and reporter who has covered stories all over the country, including; immigration issues in Washington state, drug trafficking in Arizona, the Super Bowl in Indianapolis and the Ebola crisis in Dallas.


Over the past decade, Jenny has hosted everything from galas and fundraisers, to fashion shows and red carpet events.

Public Speaker

As a first generation college student, Jenny has a passion for helping others realize their own version of success. She’s spoken to student and parent groups about using the resources available to them to create their own happiness and self sufficiency.


Giving back and being a part of the community is paramount to Jenny. In addition to serving on several boards and volunteering for various organizations in the Dallas area, she speaks out on the issues of literacy, body image and eating disorders.

Hi There!

Thanks so much for visiting my site! After working in the news and fitness industries for the last decade, I found myself spending a lot of time answering emails about everything from recipe ideas to career inspiration and I just loved connecting with people in that way. However, I wanted to take it one step further and create a “go to” page to share ideas, positivity, laughs and everything we don’t have time for on tv. My goal is that you leave the site feeling inspired and full.

My unmedicated birth story ~ why I did it and how it went!

That day was the most intensely painful, intensely surreal and intensely rewarding day of my life. I grew more in that single day than at any other time of my life. My marriage was strengthened because of how dependent on my husband I was throughout labor- I had to surrender to the process and to his help.  Any masks of false perfection were torn off as he helped me work through the biggest physical challenge I’d ever faced.

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I feel fat

When is the last time you heard a friend say “I feel so fat” or “that would look terrible on me” or “I hate the way my body looks”? In my experience, it happens all the time in groups of women and we tend to feed off of each other – trading one negative comment for another. Almost “one upping” our hatred for our bodies.

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Learning a Southern tradition

The first time I went to a wedding in Texas, I noticed that as soon as the ceremony was over, there was a big ‘ol gorgeous portrait of the bride outside of the reception! How did it get there so soon? Had she hired a magician? Are photo booths that high tech now? I was confused but totally impressed.

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