Hi All! After years of research with regard to finding the healthiest products for my family and home, I’ve found some favorites! This is my MASTER LIST of safe swaps.  I’ll be updating it as I go along this journey. Also, if you’d like to join my Safe Swaps and Clean Beauty group, where we discuss healthy products for family and home, click here! 


All of my cosmetics are from this line- if you’ve never ordered, you’ll get $10 off your first order of $50 or more  – Linked here 

Lash adhesive/ lash glue  – True Glue – Linked on True Glue site 

False lashes – Ritzy strip lashes – Linked on Amazon 

False lashes – Ardell wispies – Linked on Amazon 

Makeup/skincare spatula to get every bit out of the product in glass bottles – Every Drop – Linked on Amazon 

Makeup spatula – Spatty – Linked on Amazon 

Makeup remover – Makeup Eraser – Linked on Amazon 

Eyemakeup remover – Certified Organic Jojoba oil- Linked on Amazon 

Eyemakeup remover – I Am The Balm – Linked on Crunchi 

Retractable vegan lip brush – Linked on Amazon 


Deodorant – Thai Crystal – Linked on Amazon 

Face wash – Crunchi charcoal facial bar and gentle facial bar – Linked here

Body wash – Crunchi charcoal body bar – Linked here 

Liquid body wash – Organic Be-One (I like the lemongrass) – Linked on Amazon 

Soap Saver (this is what I place my face and bar soap on) – linked here 

Body lotion – All Good body lotion – Linked on Amazon 

Body lotion – Andalou Naturals (I really like the citrus scent) – Linked on Amazon 

Body lotion – Avapure – Linked on Avapure 

Day cream – Crunchi daylight facial cream  www.crunchi.com/jennyanchondo 

Eye cream – Crunchi Powerlight eye cream www.crunchi.com/jennyanchondo 

Eye cream – 100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream – Linked on Amazon 

Eye cream – Juice Beauty Green Apple Eye Cream – Linked on Amazon 

Eye gel – Erin’s Faces Firming Eye Gel – Linked on Amazon 

Facial essence – Clarilight by Crunchi – Linked on Crunchi 

Night cream – Crunchi nightlight facial cream www.crunchi.com/jennyanchondo 

Jade Roller – Linked on Amazon 

Vitamin Serum – Luna Nectar Heliophilia Glow & Fix serum – Linked on Luna Nectar 

Facial toner- Organic Witch Hazel – Linked on Amazon 

Facial toner – Organic Rose Water – Linked on Amazon 

Face masks – Avapure – Linked on Avapure 

Sunscreen – Crunchi sunlight spf 30  www.crunchi.com/jennyanchondo 

Hand Sanitizer – Dr. Bronners Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray – Linked on Amazon 

Makeup wipes – Makeup Eraser – Linked on Amazon 

Body wash – Organic Tea Tree wash by Be-One 

Bug spray – Badger – linked on Amazon 

Bug Bite Thing – this pulls the skin to eliminate itch (generic version do not work.) Linked on Amazon 



Adult/teen facial sunscreen – Crunchi Sunlight SPF 30- Linked on Crunchi 

Adults/teen body sunscreen – Badger unscented SPF 30 – Linked on Amazon 

Adult/ teen sunscreen – ALL GOOD – Linked on Amazon 

Kids/baby sunscreen – ALL GOOD Spf 30- Linked on Amazon 

Kids sunscreen – Badger sunscreen – Linked on Amazon 

Baby sunscreen – Badger baby – Linked on Amazon 

Sunscreen spray – ALL GOOD  (don’t spray near face/ be careful about inhalation) – Linked on Amazon 



Polish – Sophi brand – Linked on Amazon 

Polish – Karma Organics – Linked on Amazon

Kids – Piggy Paint – Linked on Amazon 


Mouthwash – Dr. Brite Natural Whitening – Linked on Amazon 

Teeth Whitening Trays – Linked on Amazon (these are easier to use than the pen but more expensive. Pen linked below)

Teeth Whitening Gel – Dr. Brite – Linked on Amazon (Also sold on Thrive market — discount on Thrive Market listed below, under groceries)

Kids toothpaste – Risewell – Linked on Risewell 

Toothpaste – Risewell – Linked on Risewell 

Toothpaste – Truvani – Linked on Truvani (this one is my current favorite)

Toothpaste – Wellnesse Whitening- Linked on Wellnesse  


Body – Beauty by Earth – Linked on Amazon 

Face and Body foam – Linked of Beauty by Earth

Face- Beauty by Earth facial tanner – Linked on Amazon


Shampoo & Conditioner – Under Luna – Linked on Under Luna’s website 

Shampoo – Evolvh Moisture Shine Shampoo – Here’s a link for $20 off  – Other formulations may be clean too but this is the only one I’ve personally tried.

Conditioner – Evolvh Moisture Shine Conditioner – Here’s a link for $20 off – Other formulations may be clean too but this is the only one I’ve personally tried.

Leave in Conditioner/de-tangler – Evolvh – linked on Amazon (Also sold on main Evolvh site)

Shampoo & Conditioner – Majestic Pure apple cider vinegar- linked on Amazon 

Dry shampoo – Crunchi finishing powder w/ Brush 2 – linked on Crunchi 

Dry shampoo – Acure – linked on Amazon (there are different types for different hair colors)


Organic wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets – Linked on Amazon

Laundry detergent – Molly’s Suds original  – Linked on Amazon 

Laundry detergent – Meliora detergent – peppermint or unscented — Linked on Meliora 

Laundry detergent & stain remover – The Amazing Whip – IT – Linked on Whip-It 

Dish soap – Attitude Dish soap unscented – Linked on Attitude  &  Bulk option Linked on Amazon 

Dish detergent – 7th generation powder (other 7th generation products aren’t necessarily clean, just the powder.) – Linked on Amazon 


Baby Oil – Super Serum linked 

Baby wash/shampoo combo- 3 in 1 Littles Bar linked 

Toothpaste – Risewell – Linked on Risewell 

Toothpaste – Hello – Linked on Amazon 

Diaper balm – Motherlove  – Linked on Amazon 

Baby/ Children’s lotion – Earth Mama Simply Non- Scents – Linked on Amazon 

Baby wash – Babo Botanicals Sensitive Baby Fragrance Free – Linked on Amazon 

Baby/ children’s shampoo – Carina organics – Linked on Amazon 

Baby wash – Dr. Bronners Unscented – (make sure to dilute) Linked on Amazon 

Bubble bath – Carina Organics – Linked on Amazon 

Baby powder – California Baby Calming Organic Powder – Linked on Amazon 

Baby food recipe book – The Big Book of Organic Baby Food – Linked on Amazon 

Bubble bath – (works for grown ups too!) – linked on Amazon but can be found on Thrive Market and even Target



Thrive Market – several organic and non GMO options. I shop her monthly. Linked here & the link gives you 25% off your first order when you become a member. 

Protein Powder – Equilibrium Nutrition – Linked on Amazon 

Ready to Drink Protein Drinks – Orgain Organic Vegan shakes – Linked on Amazon 

Portable water filter – Berkey – Linked on Amazon 

Reusable produce bag – Simple Ecology – Linked on Amazon 

Magnesium supplement – Natural Calm – Linked on Amazon 



Smart meter covers for wifi and smart readers – linked on Smart Meter Covers 

EMF Reader- Trifield – Linked on Amazon 

Food storage – Pyrex – Linked on Amazon 

Glass & Stainless Pour over coffee maker – Linked on Amazon 

Stainless pour over coffee kettle – Linked on Amazon (I heat the water in this, then pour it in the pour over linked above) 

Misto glass oil sprayer – Linked on Amazon 

Bakeware – Pyrex – Linked on Amazon 

Frying pan – All Clad – Linked on Amazon 

Cookware – All Clad – Linked on Amazon 

Hand soap – Linked on Thrive Market     

Stainless Steel popsicle molds – Linked on Amazon 

Avocado straws – Linked on Amazon 

***** NOTE – you can get 25% off Thrive Market through this link! 


Spa – Spa Habitat -Several locations in North Texas  Spa Habitat 

Spa – Hiatus Spa + Retreat – Several locations in Texas – I consider this to be a semi-clean option. Some products are toxin free and some are not. Hiatus Spa

Spa – Tammy Fender – Delray Beach and West Palm Beach, FL – Tammy Fender Spa

Facials – Misaotra – Dallas. This is the only suggestion I have’t been able to personally use but she does use Laurel, which is clean. Misatora

Spa Products line – Eminence Organic. Many spas that are not toxin free do carry Eminence, which is clean.

Spa Products line – Laurel. Many spas that are not toxin free do cary Laurel, which is clean.

Hair salon – M&C Holistic Salon in Frisco, Texas MC Holistic Salon



Lululemon yoga pants look-alikes – Colorfulkoala – Linked on Amazon 

Crunchi Team ideas

Sample Jars – linked on Amazon 

Bubble mailers – linked on Amazon 

Makeup Train – linked on Amazon 

Brush holder – linked on Amazon 

Lash wands – linked on Amazon 

Cream wands – linked on Amazon 

Lip wands – linked on Amazon 

Ring light – linked on Amazon 

Ampules for Clarilight – Linked on Amazon 





Written by Jenny Anchondo

Jenny Anchondo is a Dallas-based news anchor and reporter who has worked at TV stations all over the country. She's also a certified personal trainer and fitness expert. Her goal is to to empower others to find their own version of happiness and success.

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