A new chapter

Dear friends ~

Yesterday was my last day at Fox 4 and I wanted to take a moment to thank YOU for being a part of my wonderful life and journey here. We’ve been through a lot together!


To those who spent every weekend with us, watching the show, laughing, sharing stories and discussing the news of the day – thank you for connecting with me.


To those who welcomed me into your home when I showed up to report on a triumph or a tragedy – thank you for trusting me with your most important story.


To those who celebrated my engagement, marriage and the birth of Brighton – thank you for sharing in my personal joys.


Together, on that weekend newscast, we’ve had thought-provoking, vivacious, tough discussions on the significant topics impacting our families and friends. We’ve engaged in spicy chatter about everything from politics and education to food and fashion. We’ve laughed until it hurt and touched on topics of the heart. You’ve even adopted hundreds of animals from our off-the-rails pet segment!


I got into this business because of a yearning for depth, connection and inspiration. This passion has taken me from Washington to Arizona to Indiana to Texas as I fiercely chase a career so many said wasn’t possible from my humble beginnings.


This certainly isn’t “goodbye” and the conversation and fun shall continue! I look forward to staying connected with all of you here on the website and on social media. You know I can’t give that up! So, for now, I’ll see you on;


Instagram www.instagram.com/jennyanchondo 

Facebook www.facebook.com/jennyanchondo

And — here on the website! If you sign up for the newsletter, I’ll keep you in the loop on WHAT IS NEXT in terms of my personal and professional journey.


I still want to hear your stories, share in your joy and BE INSPIRED by you so I’ll be looking to chat soon!


xoxo, Jenny


“If you wait until all the lights are green before you leave home, you’ll never start your trip to the top.” ~Zig Ziglar